My name is Mike Shirley I am the owner of Double Diamond Athletic Club and am a Kinesiology graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

I explained some painful shoulder symptoms that I was experiencing to Dr. McEntire and booked an appointment for myself. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge of biomechanics and his ability to identify the dysfunction in my shoulder through range of motion observations and muscle strength testing. In just one visit my shoulder pain was greatly reduced and my range of motion and strength improved too! After a couple of more visits I noticed that I was way more functional in my group exercises classes.

I first met Dr. Curt McEntire 3 years ago when I needed help building core strength. I was so satisfied with the results that when I injured my right shoulder golfing, I went to see him for treatment. He used Muscle Activation Techniques, which helped relieve the pain and increased the strength and range of motion in both my shoulders and arms. I am very happy with the results.

I am not an elite athlete, but he sure treats me like one!
Michael Daines, M.D.
Reno, NV

As a former completive gymnast for six years my body has endured lots of injuries and pain. After receiving a few MAT sessions with Dr. McEntire I noticed an immediate improvement in the way I felt. The simple task of walking felt different and easier. My range of motion has increased dramatically and my body feels relaxed. During the course of my treatments I have had some snowboard injuries that have been immediately relieved by Dr. McEntire.

When I was two, I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. My life has been a series of different people “wanting to make me feel better” but in their time frame vs. what my body needed. Dr. McEntire worked with me and my needs without imposing his desires on me, and we had excellent results!
Jackie Foster, R.N.
Reno, NV

I hurt my knee riding in Europe and came back to the States to get it fixed. After seeing a medical doctor and several physios, I was told it would take up to 6 weeks to get better – not good news in the middle of the season. 3 weeks later, my knee was not really any better but I was meant to go to the U.S. Open to fulfill my sponsor commitments, so I figured I would give it one more try and went to see Dr. McEntire before flying out. I drove in from Tahoe and hobbled into his office. One session later I walked out of there perfectly! Next day I went to the U.S. Open and got 3rd place in Slopestyle and won Best Trick over Shaun White!!”

Jussi Oksanen Professional Snowboarder, Star of Jumping with Jussi
San Diego, CA

I had a severe migraine headache and went to Dr. McEntire for treatment. Within less than a half an hour I had recovered completely from my migraine. He activated some of my neck muscles that I think were causing severe pain on the right side of my head. This session was nothing short of a miracle for me. In the past, I had sought help from my chiropractor for my headaches and whiplash related symptoms, but Dr. McEntire relieved my pain much faster and to this date it has remained stable.

I was once a firm believer in “no pain no gain” in exercise, but I have been shown that the gentle muscle activation isometric exercises Dr. McEntire utilizes in his treatments are far superior to my traditional exercise approach. I hope to reprogram my entire body to use the muscles that it has forgotten about either due to under use, injury or overcompensation by other stronger muscles.

I would strongly recommend that anyone who would like to improve their muscle strength or relieve pain- give this new technique a try and you will find out that pain can be relieved and that your body can heal without drugs or surgery.

Robin O’Neal
Carson City, Nevada

As a Professional Hockey player, I had numerous injuries throughout my career and with Dr McEntire’s help I was able to get me back into the game fast and fully recovered. I recommend Dr McEntire to anybody that needs excellent care and quality for any injury.Jarrett Deuling

Jarrett Deuling
Former NHL and AHL Player

Hey Dr. Curt, just wanted to drop you a quick note with many thanks. For the first time in a very long time my husband felt really good. We try not to let the skepticism keep us from seeking new alternative treatments and we were both very pleasantly surprised with the results from Monday. And I quote, “I feel a 100% better.”
Thanks a ton!

Robbie & Stefani Hevron
Sacramento, CA

I am very happy I made the decision to try Muscle Activation Techniques with Dr. Curt McEntire. Dr. McEntire is a true professional and very knowledgeable. After only a few sessions, I noticed a significant improvement in my ability to perform my balance training exercises with my personal trainer.
Thanks, Dr. McEntire!

Sarah Garrison
Reno, NV

Dr. Curt’s clinical expertise particularly in soft-tissue rehabilitation is exceptional. His technique helped my shoulder a lot. I highly recommend him.

Sheri Barainca D.C.
Reno, NV

“There aren’t many therapists that know exactly how to attack problem areas of an athlete. Dr. Curt took care of my headache immediately. He knew the problem areas to focus on to relieve the pain. I feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Curt during a weeklong bowling tournament at the Bowling Stadium. I know that I will be looking him up next time I am in the Reno area!”

Diandra Asbaty, Professional Bowler, Chicago, IL

“I went to Dr. McEntire with a bulging disk in my lower back. I had pains that went into my legs, which interfered with my snowboarding. The 2 times I visited Dr. McEntire he was able to help me put strength back into my legs and back. I have just now finished my best season yet on my snowboard. I am really grateful to my friend Andy who recommended me to Dr. McEntire. Whenever I visit Reno I’m going to make sure that I see Dr. McEntire for a tune-up.”

Erin Comstock, Professional Snowboarder, Salt Lake City, Utah

Dear Dr. McEntire:

I would like to thank you for helping me regain full use of my right arm which had been giving me ever increasing problems for over a year. As you may remember, I came to you last May with a right arm and shoulder that was in constant pain. I had no strength in my right hand, my elbow throbbed almost constantly, and I couldn’t raise my right arm above shoulder level. I had tried two rounds of anti-inflammatory drugs and extended arm rest to no avail.

After just a few massage treatments with you, I began to get some relief. With the exercises that you prescribed, I now have achieved full relief!
Keep up the good work!

Virgil C. Post

Dr. Curt McEntire has helped restore postural alignment and normalize movement in my spine and legs
using soft tissue techniques without the need for forceful joint manipulation. His treatment program with Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T.) eliminated muscle tightness and imbalance not fully addressed with conventional exercise programs and therapeutic massage. I have more symmetry of movement and balanced posture throughout the work day. With notable change in a few visits, the gentle techniques helped successfully reduce pain that I have had for many years following back injury.

S. Henderson, Physical Therapist
Reno, NV

I had Curt work on several muscle imbalances in my lower back and hip area. Through his precision to detail of human anatomy he was able to find a bony block preventing internal rotation in my left hip. A few weeks later, x-rays confirmed his findings and revealed a CAM deformity of my left hip.

After my great experience with Curt, I sent my wife to him. She had great results too, and with his help she resumed training for a marathon.

I would not hesitate to refer my patients to Curt for soft-tissue manual therapy.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call.

David D. Berg, D.C., C.I.C.E.
Chiropractic Physician
DIR Designated Rating Physician

After enduring 5 plus years of progressive back and hip pain I was fortunate to find out from a friend about a local chiropractor, Dr. Curt McEntire, who utilizes a manual therapy technique known Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) as part of his treatment program.

Upon researching this treatment option and with my background as a Physical Therapist I was pleased to find it satisfied my curiosity as a sound and innovative approach to dealing with musculoskeletal pain.

Within 6 soft-tissue treatments with Dr. McEntire my pain was significantly better. Dr. McEntire also instructed me in exercise techniques to further improve my muscle imbalances. I was amazed at how quickly these techniques could relax my painfully tight muscles and allow me flexibility and strength that I hadn’t felt in years.

I wouldn’t hesitate to refer others to Dr. McEntire for similar painful conditions. Dr. McEntire is a knowledgeable and skilled practitioner and deeply cares for his patients well being. His treatments aren’t scary, as he doesn’t need to pop your joints to get them to function normally.

Trace Stiegman
Physical Therapist
Reno, NV